Staff Party + Nomination Form

Dear all,

We are now in the final stages of organizing the Summer Social event on Monday 27th June here at Tupgill Park.

Please Arrive Promptly at 5 pm for 5.15 pm Awards

Whist we hope all attendees will relax and enjoy the evening there will be no one officially on duty.  So, with that in mind, we need to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that there will be alcohol as well as soft drinks available, we do ask that the under 18’s show commonsense and not indulge.

Please be aware that Tenants, Customers, and Suppliers of the Estate will be present, so please be mindful of your conduct during this event.

Any dietary needs please make the Estate office aware, finally we look forward to seeing you on Monday 27th for a fun, well deserved social event.


Please enter the details below and we will consider the awards which will take place on arrival. ALL AWARDS NEED TO BE IN BY 17TH JUNE 2022

We may not be able to do all the awards so please don’t be offended !! These are fun awards so go for it ( without Profanitys)


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