To allow our employees to share knowledge, wisdom, the opportunity to suggest initiatives, ideas, general company feedback without Management influence to continue to assist us to create a “One Estate” proactive environment.


 Meetings to be held on a quarterly basis, specific date to be agreed but suggested as follows:

  • 3rd Week of January
  • 3rd Week March
  • 3rd week of July
  • 3rd Week of October


Semi informal, Chaired meeting with a structured agenda,  lasting no longer than 1 hour. All topics discussed are confidential within the group. All those how don’t wish to be identified will be referred to as anonymous in order that they may speak freely. The information discussed will then be fed back by the chair person to the Management Team for review.


A decision will be made on how long the members will remain in post ?  i.e. for 1 year.  All points raised will be responded to by the management team in a timely manner with a brief overview shared on the staff area of the website.


  • Estate Team x 1
  • Housekeeping x 1
  • Forbidden Corner x 2
  • Saddle Room x 2

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